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Cabecera Martimar Plátano de Canarias

Canary Islands Plátano / Banana

Because of its history and volume, the canary yellow gold, constitutes our main produce and asset. We specialise in producing, ripening and distributing Canary Islands Plátano / Banana and we commercialise many of the most prestigious brands in the archipielago.

Invernadero plátanos Martimar

Green or ripened, loose or on containers we have a wide variety of packaging types, formats and qualities, adapting ourselves to every customer’s needs.

What is more, we are producers and have our own estates and packaging centre in Gran Canaria and Tenerife, what allows us to control all the process from beginning to end and offer the best produce.

We guarantee continuity and guarantee to our customers on supply, assisting their needs 12 months a year.

Plátano de Canarias verde Martimar

Green Plátano / Banana

Plátano de Canarias verde Martimar

Ripened Plátano / Banana